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A brand, especially ones that are new in the market, can find it exceptionally difficult to reach the right audience especially with the intense competition that exists today. Brands typically want direct and organic traffic since they are free of cost and are better quality wise. However, to get people to come to a landing page organically is a time consuming affair, especially with established brands already present in the industry that people are more familiar with. PPC campaigns can help a lot to break through this clutter. PPC campaigns can be run on pretty much any platform present on the web. However, there are many variables that need to be managed properly to maximize the return on investment (ROI) from PPC campaigns. We offer completely end-to-end management of your PPC campaigns. Right from clearly defining marketing objectives, setting up strategies to achieve those objectives, researching keywords to identify the most searched relevant topics, ad copy writing, setting up and optimizing ad campaigns on various platforms to finally, analysis and reporting.

We study each and every aspect of PPC campaigns to identify what is working and what is not, and adapt quickly and effectively for your brand’s website. We analyze ad creatives to increase Click Through rates (CTRs) for all the web pages. We analyze keywords used in search ads and pages so that the brand has the right balance of highly searched and low cost keywords. We also explore bounce rates etc. to identify which audience groups are working best for the brand. Also, continuous monitoring helps us reach the best possible cost per click (CPC) for your keywords, identify the best time and day for the brand, internet usage behavior (mobile vs desktop etc.) and demographic information (gender, age etc.) for the brand’s target audience.

Hence, SB innovations is an optimized website, where we help with PPC campaigns, a brand can quickly and effectively establish itself among its target audience as a trusted entity