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Strategies to use to create an effective CTA for your e-commerce website

Your eCommerce website is ready and designed with all the necessary trims and tucks. You launch the website and you wait for the customers to have a look. Done! Now what? The success of your eCommerce website is not measured just by the content or the quality pictures and photos, but the fact that how many people have converted their visit into a purchase. And if your customers have not added anything to their carts as you wished them to, all the fads and frills are a mere waste of resources.

This failure may be due to lack of attention the designers have paid on the Call To Action or CTA button. When it comes to converting the visit into the purchase, it is the presence of a powerful CTA button that compels the users to perform the action you want them to. Placing a simple Call To Action button like Buy Now or Like us, doesn’t have the same effect as a unique and powerful CTA button does. How important a CTA button is to an e-commerce website any eCommerce website development company will tell you.

Call To Action button tells the users what action they should take when they on your website. Although you will come across pages and pages of guidelines to follow while creating a powerful CTA, you could follow these simple tips to make sure the buyers are compelled to take the desired actions.

1. Say it with contrasting colors

CTA with the use of contrasting colors has been highly effective in achieving the desired conversion rate. Use of bright and contrasting colors that stand out are better at grabbing the attention of the users rather than the colors that blend in. thus, it is highly advisable to test and see what colors attract the users and make them press on the CTA button. But, do make sure to use the colors that are in sync with the brand and overall design of the website.

2. The right size and shape for the best effect

Size does matter when designing the CTA button. Keeping it too small or too big will either remove it from notice or become irritating for the users. Thus, using big buttons do help as they are easily visible and easy to click, but not too big.

The shape of the button can be experimented with depending on the designing of the page but the most used shape is a rectangle that makes it stand out.

3. Sense of urgency

Creating a sense of urgency or a sense of scarcity gets the highest conversion rate. So, using words that elevate this sense of urgency, like ‘Hurry’, ‘quickly’, ‘now’, ’limited’ and such compel the customers to make the purchase fast, in case they lose out on an opportunity to avail the special.

4. Unique words to craft the CTA button

Using simple words in your CTA button will not have the desired effect and will not pull the customers towards itself. It is important to use creative and powerful words to make sure that the customers pause and look back at the unique words used in the CTA button and are also curious enough to click on it and explore further.

5. Value proposition

Let the customers know what they will get back in exchange of clicking on the Call To Action button. Using words like ‘20% off’ or ‘limited edition’ will make the customers take a second look at what you are trying to tell. And accept it; no one forgoes a good offer. We do stop to take a look when words like ‘off’ and ‘sale’ is used anywhere pertaining to sales.

6. Get personal

Customers appreciate any personal touch that has been added while creating the CTA copy.

Usually, we see all the CTA buttons in the second voice and good results were achieved by doing so. But, studies have revealed that using the first person in the CTA button enhances the conversion rate even further.

For Instance, using ‘Sign Me Up’ instead of just ‘Sign Up’ is a better option.

7. Adding in security features

Security is the crucial factor that people consider when shopping online. So, highlighting the security features on the CTA button makes customers feel secured and press the button. Using words like ‘Sign In Securely’ helps customers relax and feel safe and protected. And having this CTA button on the homepage makes it all the more effective.
There are no guaranteed approaches that will make your e-commerce website a success, experimentation, and trials are the keys. Keep experimenting with the shapes, colors, fonts, and positions to see what works best for your website.

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