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SEO scenario in the digital world in 2017

The year 2016 was an eventful year for the digital marketing scene with the highlight being the emphasis on the content marketing. The level of marketing has gone up several steps with Search Engine Optimization agencies using rank tracking and other SEO tools to increase the effects of digital marketing.

To be one top of others in one’s field it is important for companies to keep an eye on the changing trends of the search engines and companies that fail to change and adapt itself to the changes will soon be out of the race.
To keep up with the competition and be ahead of the rivals, companies have to be aware of the latest changes and trends in the digital marketing scene and that of Search Engine Optimization.

Here we list down the expected SEO scenario in the digital world in 2017.

1. AMP by Google: Mobile Optimization
Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP was introduced by Google in the beginning of 2016. Although it was difficult to understand what AMP was initially, now this has garnered a good response. Under this program, Google links each page of the website to the AMP search results and the strategy helps in achieving the company’s central plan.
Since its inception, many companies have made use of the program and if your company is not one among them, it is the right time to go for it.

2. SIRI: Voice Search
Last year was completely partial towards the voice search and the trend is continuing this year too and at a faster pace. Most people prefer voice search to other methods of search and by far the voice search apps have proved to be a better assistant. SIRI, Cortana, Goggle Now, and such have become the medium of search and have replaced typing of keywords to speaking out phrases when looking for something.
The Search Engine Optimization agencies are making use of the preference of the Voice Search feature and are creating websites that are voice search friendly.

3. Enhanced content quality
Companies have slowly understood the importance of quality content in the last few years and also, the fact that it is the content that keeps the users coming back to a website. If the content is obsolete and outdated, users will move to other websites offering the same services.
Having said that it is the quality that matters and not the length of the content and users prefer shorter yet engaging content over the lengthy ones. So, while planning and choosing an SEO agency, keep in mind to prefer quality content.

4. Videos and photos on the rise
Long, lengthy wordings and paragraphs are a big put off these days. In order to attract more visitors and make them stick with you, higher use of videos and original photos and images have become the order of the day. YouTube has become the most used search engine these days. So, including videos to your SEO package is the best decision that you can make to fully optimize the search engines. People prefer to see videos and pictures over texts and paragraphs.

5. Demographic-based results
People prefer it when the result to their searches is shown locally. Google has already delved into this area and has started optimizing on the area based search results. This will help the marketers to put more emphasis on the marketing tactics that yield local results and capture the interest of the intended audiences.

6. Think how your audience will think like
There has been a vast change in how people conduct searches and instead of focusing only on keywords, marketers will have to think in phrases that the users are likely to use during voice searches. People are using mobiles to make the majority of their searches instead of a computer or laptop.
Google has already started using artificial intelligence to gauge the change in search trends. Search Engine Optimization agencies too have to try and adapt to this major change in the searching behavior.

7. Social media advantage
Almost everyone is on the social media and usually, people post their experiences and reviews of the products and services on these social media platforms. Users surely do visit the social media sites for these reviews and reports of the product or service they are seeking to purchase and it is up to the SEO agencies to make full use of the fact. To build up the brand and also increase brand loyalty social media is emerging as the best platform for any company.

Last year was the best year for the Search Engine Optimization growth and this year too there will only advancement in the already existing tools. To stay ahead in the race, it is mandatory for the companies to be at par with the changing trends and adapt to them as not to be left behind.

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