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Mobile Responsive Design

This is one of the most common questions that most digital website clients have. The honest answer is that, the same website can look very different when viewed on a PC and mobile screen. There are mainly two things that create this difference – the size of the screen and the browser that is being used by the viewer. But sadly, not all the website designers are able to make a single website that looks great on both computers and PCs.

Service Includes

We at SBinnovations pay special attention to creating a website that is not only mobile responsive but also compatible with most browsers. Many people are living under the misconception that the only way to be mobile friendly is by redesigning a mobile friendly website. But in actuality, you can actually make a mobile version of your website. This is not only more user-friendly for your customers but will be more cost effective for you. We, however, recommend that if you are planning on redesigning your website, go for a website that will be compatible on both a computer and mobile platform.

Our team of experts specializes in adapting your pre-existing design into a Mobile Responsive Design. Our expert services are very popular among the medium and small scale industries due to our pocket-friendly nature. We understand that not all companies will have a huge budget for such digital website campaigns. Hence we help such companies by providing them with our expertise at very low costs.

These high-quality services along with others have helped us to become one of the most affordable website development companies in the world.

Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality

Our extensive list of web design services includes some of the following:

  • Website Design and Development on platforms like Html, PHP, JQUERY, JAVA, FLASH, WordPress
  • Responsive design to enable ease of access on mobile devices
  • WordPress development websites using a CMS that helps the clients to have complete grasp over their websites
  • Solutions for eCommerce websites development with online shopping cart and Open cart
  • Graphic Designing including Banners, Logo’s, Favicons and PSD’s